Therapeutic Facials

1. Renew & Fortify 

Rich hydration formulas, antioxidants leave your skin healthy and radiant.
75 minutes—$120

2. Microdermabrasion 

Exfoliates skin to cause cell turnover for a smooth and refreshed complexion. Series of 10 to 12, spaced approximately 14 days apart for best results. Maintainence treatments are suggested.
60 minutes—$100 

3. Correct & Boost

Reduce appearance of imperfections. Smooth uneven texture, minimize visible signs of aging. 
75 minutes—$115

4. Glycolic Facial Peel

This facial peel improves skin texture, softens superficial lines and enhances appearance. It lightens and even skin pigmentation. For best results more than one treatment is recommended. 
45 minutes—$75

5. DEP Collagen Facial

For dry, mature or dehydrated skin. Helps improve collagen production and provides the skin with a low-level electrical frequency resulting in a face-lift effect and increase hydration.
60 minutes—$125

6. Traditional Mini Facial - Great for women AND men!

Cleanse, exfoliate, extractions and a finishing product!
55 minutes—$75

7. Ultimate Signature Facial

Refreshing and invigorating products to deep cleanse and address your skins needs. 
75 minutes—$120

10. Upper Lip Wax - $15

11. Brow Wax - $18

12. Eyebrow Tint - $25

13. Eyelash Tint - $28

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