Therapeutic Facials

1. ZO Stimulator Treatment

Targets melasma, acne, fine lines, rough texture, pores, and dull skin. Suitable for all skin types. 
60 minutes—$95

2. Microdermabrasion 

Exfoliates skin to cause cell turnover for a smooth and refreshed complexion. Series of 10 to 12, spaced approximately 14 days apart for best results. Maintainence treatments are suggested.
60 minutes—$100 

3. Clarifying Facial 

The advantage of this facial is acombination of deep cleansing of the pores with facial extractions
75 Minutes—$110

4. Lift Up Ultra Facial

Starts with exfoliation, AHA treatment , microcurrent to strengthen & stimulate collagen. Followed by a firming mask.
60 minutes—$150

4. Relaxation Facial

This facial will leave you relaxed and rejuvenated with glowing skin. Facial massage, scalp, hand and arm massage.
75 minutes—$110

5. Traditional Mini Facial - Great for women AND men!

Cleanse, exfoliate, extractions and a finishing product!
45 minutes—$65

6. Ultimate Signature Facial

Refreshing and invigorating products to deep cleanse and address your skins needs. 
75 minutes—$120

7. Upper Lip Wax - $12

8. Brow Wax - $12

9. Chin Wax - $12

9. Eyebrow Tint - $20

10. Eyelash Tint - $25

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