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      4D High Definition Liposuction

      High Definition Liposuction Williamsport PA

      4D High Definition Liposuction is a body contouring procedure that gives you a more athletic-looking appearance—such as toned arms and augmented buttocks—by utilizing VASER and Renuvion J-Plasma. The results are long-lasting, with many patients seeing improvement months after their procedure.

      Dr. Boris Gabinskiy has the expertise required for this fat-removal procedure. If you’re looking for Vaser Liposuction, Williamsport PA has it. Contact us online or call (570) 354-0420 today to discover what 4D High Definition Liposuction can do for you!

      What is 4D High Definition Liposuction?

      4D High Definition Liposuction is a minimally invasive, non-surgical body contouring procedure used to create a slimmer and muscular appearance.

      The technology incorporates the Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance (VASER) tool, which uses ultrasound energy to liquify fat in specific body areas like the abdomen. The fat is then removed and can be re-injected to other body areas to achieve desirable body contouring results.

      4D High Definition Liposuction causes more skin retraction than traditional liposuction and fewer contour irregularities. At BNG Aesthetics, we use Renuvion J-Plasma in conjunction with your liposuction to tighten you skin even more.

      4D High Definition Liposuction removes or relocates fat on the:

      • Chin
      • Neck
      • Arms
      • Chest
      • Back
      • Waist
      • Abdomen
      • Flank
      • Thighs
      • Buttocks
      • Knees
      • Calves

      In women, 4D High Definition Liposuction enhances features like the breasts and the butt (Brazilian butt lift). In men, fat can be relocated to muscular structures of the chest, arms, legs, and buttocks.

      How does 4D High Definition Liposuction procedure work?

      Your 4D High Definition Liposuction procedure will be done in-office at BNG Aesthetics by Dr. Boris Gabinskiy.

      You will first receive local anesthesia in the treated area. With the VASER technology, a small-sized probe is inserted under your skin to liquidize fat which then will be further removed by liposuction. After liposuction, we insert a Renuvion J-Plasma device under your skin to heat and tighten it.

      Recovery after 4D High Definition Liposuction takes a few days, after which you can return to your normal activities. There are no limitations on activity, it is advised to increase activities as tolerate.

      Wearing compression garments will help to apply even pressure across the treatment area, preventing excessive fluid buildup and helping your body absorb any residual fluid– you will need to wear these for about 4 weeks.

      Who is a good candidate for 4D High Definition Liposuction?

      4D High Definition Liposuction helps patients in good health and with a healthy lifestyle remove fat from troublesome areas that are exercise resistant.

      This body contouring procedure is not designed for weight loss. It is used to remove excessive fat collection. We do not perform liposuction of more than 5 liters of fat (known as large volume liposuction).

      During your consultation with Dr. Boris Gabinskiy, please discuss any pre-existing conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular conditions, or sleep apnea.

      How many treatments do I need?

      4D High Definition Liposuction is a single treatment solution; however, multiple areas of the body can require a two-part procedure. Dr. Boris Gabinskiy will work with you to determine if you require more than one treatment to reach your desired results.

      What results can I expect and how fast will I see results?

      Most patients see immediate results from the 4D High Definition Liposuction.

      Potential swelling or bruising in the treated area is treated with pain medication and compression garments. Complications may include hematoma, scarring, infection, or an allergic reaction.

      As the swelling decreases, your results will improve. This can continue for up to 6 months after your procedure.

      How much does 4D High Definition Liposuction cost?

      Pricing varies from $5,000 to $8,000. During your scheduled consultation with Dr. Boris Gabinskiy, you will be given a personalized treatment plan along with the procedure cost.

      Request Your Appointment Today!

      Fat can appear on your body in the most unwanted places. Thankfully, there is a minimally-invasive procedure that can remove volume and help sculpt a leaner-looking appearance for you.

      BNG Aesthetics provides body contouring in Williamsport, PA. Learn more about 4D High Definition Liposuction today by contacting us online or calling (570) 354-0420.


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