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      Renuvion J-Plasma Skin Tightening in Williamsport, PA

      What Is Renuvion Powered by J-Plasma?

      Renuvion J Plasma Skin Tightening Williamsport PA

      Renuvion Powered by J-Plasma is a cutting-edge energy device that has revolutionized skin resurfacing and body contouring. Combining the properties of cold helium plasma with RF energy, Renuvion Powered by J-Plasma is used to perform a number of non-surgical skin and minimally invasive body contouring procedures with little downtime and fast recovery.

      BNG Aesthetics is proud to provide our patients the best and most advanced cosmetic procedures. To find out more about Renuvion Powered by J-Plasma skin resurfacing and body sculpting, contact us online or call (570) 354-0420 today!

      Who Can Benefit from Renuvion Powered by J-Plasma?

      Renuvion Powered by J-Plasma is a great fit for both men and women with mild to moderate sagging and laxing skin. The  device can also be used alongside a liposuction and other minimally invasive treatments – such as CoolSculpting or Sculpture – to improve the contouring and tightness of the treated area in order to achieve the best body contouring results.

      Renuvion Powered by J-Plasma for Body Sculpting

      The cool helium plasma can be used to perform a number of non-surgical procedures with surgical procedure results, including:

      • Face Lift/Tight
      • Neck Lift/Tight
      • Breast Lift/Tight
      • Arms Lift/Tight
      • Tummy Tuck/Tight
      • Thigh Lift/ Tight

      Renuvion Powered by J-Plasma for Facial Rejuvenation

      Due to its high level of adaptability and precision, the Renuvion Powered by J-Plasma device is perfect for cosmetic procedures, such as skin resurfacing and tightening.

      Unique Renuvion Powered by J-Plasma technology enables the device to work on the surface and deep tissue of the patients’ skin. Patients’ results are natural-looking, using the lifting and tightening of the skin to reshape and rejuvenate the face and neck.

      During treatment, the plasma can be used to remove the outermost layer of skin (epidermis) to encourage the formation of new skin. This means that the device can be used to:

      • Tighten skin
      • Repair sun damage
      • Eliminate wrinkles
      • Improve skin tone and texture
      • Rejuvenate aging lips

      Most patients only require a single treatment with multiple passes of the plasma over their skin to receive the desired effect. Unlike a traditional facelift, there is minimal downtime without any of the usual complications.

      Renuvion Powered by J-Plasma Recovery Time

      Recovery time after a Renuvion Powered by J-Plasma cosmetic procedure is much quicker than that of a traditional liposuction. Patients can expect significant swelling in the treated areas, and may be given skin stimulating and healing creams for several days after the procedure to encourage healing. Patients undergoing Renuvion Powered by J-Plasma skin resurfacing or face lifts are also encouraged to avoid the sun and makeup for a few weeks.

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      While laxing and sagging skin is a natural part of the aging process, Renuvion Powered by J-Plasma provides a method of regaining your youthful looks. This makes the procedure a valued complement to the traditional liposuction.

      To learn more about the procedure or schedule an appointment, contact us online or call (570) 354-0420 today!


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