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      ThermiSmooth Treatment in Williamsport, PA

      Do you have fine lines? Wrinkles? Severe crow’s feet or frown lines? You’re not alone. As we age, our skin begins to lose its youthful elasticity, and fine lines and wrinkles begin to appear. Numerous procedures exist to correct this process, but countless people struggle to find a treatment option that fits their needs. Luckily, a treatment from Thermi called ThermiSmooth makes eliminating wrinkles not only practical, but enjoyable. If wrinkles are destroying your confidence or you’d simply like to “turn-back-the-clock” on aging, then ThermiSmooth through BNG Aesthetics may be for you.

      Thermismooth Treatment Williamsport PA

      What is ThermiSmooth® Face?

      ThermiSmooth® Face from Thermi is a revolutionary cosmetic procedure that uses targeted heat to activate and shrink collagen. Collagen is one of the main structural building blocks of healthy, youthful, and smooth skin. As we age, the collagen in our skin loses its strength, allowing our skin to expand from gravity, repeated facial expressions, loss of muscle mass, and so on. With numerous forces acting against our skin every day, it’s no wonder we develop wrinkles.

      How does ThermiSmooth® Face Work?

      Using the patented ThermiRF system, a specially designed thermally regulated hand-held wand is used to provide targeted, gentle epidermal heating. The key to ThermiSmooth® Face is the ability to provide a specific amount of heat to the skin, between 42 and 45 degrees Celsius (107.6 to 113 degrees Fahrenheit). Studies have proven that heat can shrink existing?weakened?collagen and generate an inflammatory response that starts the creation of new collagen. Reactivated and new collagen means tighter, smoother looking skin.

      Who Can Benefit from ThermiSmooth® Face?

      ThermiSmooth® Face is for nearly everyone, from those with premature aging, fine lines, deep wrinkles and frown lines to people with sun-damaged skin, eye bags, laugh lines, and dull skin. If you want to lessen or remove the impact of aging?or simply take a preventative approach and maintain your healthy skin longer? ThermiSmooth® Face is for you.

      ThermiSmooth® Face Procedure

      Using the same gel as an ultrasound, a trained technician will use a gentle circular motion to guide the ThermiSmooth® wand over the surface of wrinkled skin. To apply a precise amount of heat, ThermiRF constantly monitors your skin’s temperature and will automatically adjust accordingly, avoiding any discomfort. In fact, patients often describe the ThermiSmooth®  Face procedure like a warm massage. After about 5 minutes per area, the session is complete. Multiple sessions may be required to achieve your desired results, but many claim to see an improvement after just the first session.

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      ThermiSmooth® Face is an effective way to achieve a dramatic reduction in the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and other issues impacting the skin. To learn more about ThermiSmooth or any of our Thermi procedures, contact BNG Aesthetics Skin and Laser Center today at (570) 354-0420 or contact us online


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