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      Thin Eyelashes Treatment with Latisse

      Latisse Treatment

      Thin Eyelashes Treatment with Latisse

      Personality and looks are about everything on our body and the same holds true for our eyelashes as well. Many women want eyelashes that are longer, fuller and darker. Fortunately, there is an excellent treatment for those of us with less voluptuous eyelashes called Latisse. FDA-approved, Latisse is a prescription topical drop, designed to deliver more visible, longer lashes.

      The mechanism of action is not exactly known but scientifically its notes that Latisse keeps the lashes in the growth stage for a longer period of time. It also stimulates the transition from an inactive growth phase to an active growth phase.

      Latisse is a self-applied medication, meaning that it is used at home. Typically it takes about 16 weeks of nightly applications, follow by maintenance of the results which accomplished with 2-3 times weekly treatment.

      During self-application, the Latisse solution is applied gently to the top eyelid. This is done using a sterile application pad, provided as a part of treatment.

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      If your eyelashes are tinning, lacking the desire length and volume, or if you are interested in educating yourself on Latisse or any other cosmetic products, contact BNG Aesthetics today to book your consultation appointment.


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