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      Flat Buttocks

      Flat Buttocks Enhancement Williamsport PA

      What Causes Flat Buttocks?

      Several factors play into the flattening of our buttocks. Some of these factors are weight loss, genetics or aging.

      During our youth, fat is stored in the buttocks causing a fuller appearance. Hormonal changes occur during the aging process that shifts fat storage from the rear end to the stomach. Some men and women desire fuller buttocks and turn to surgery to achieve their desired aesthetic results.

      Brazilian Butt Lift

      At BNG Aesthetics Skin & Laser Center, we can help you fill out your pants a little better with our Brazilian Butt Lift procedure.

      The Brazilian butt lift is the surgical enhancement of the buttocks through fat grafting and liposuction. This procedure will give a more sensual body profile and works by placing the patient under local anesthesia.

      Liposuction is performed on a “donor” area (abdomen, waist, or thighs) to collect fat. The fat is then processed and prepared for transfer to the buttocks. The fat is grafted in gradual layers in order to achieve a smooth, natural-looking result.

      Many patients decide on fat transfers because they feel it is more safe and natural, since your own fat is used as filler. Some are simply not comfortable with implants in their buttocks.

      Brazilian butt lift surgery has quickly become the leading light of buttock augmentation because it not only helps achieve a nice shape, but also helps to gets rid of unwanted fat in troublesome areas.

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